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Very awesome app. I love it

I bought 1 month mobile upgrade on 2.10.2019. ₹ 75 deducted from My account . But my account profile is still free freedom .

this app loads for eternity and i cant even make a purchase. Now the receive rate is 0 for more than two weeks. Wonder what developers are doing. Still one star

Really love this apps it’s good and have fast connection to the internet. Install it now..💗100%

This app is awesome…. Recommended the seller please add perfect money payment system

Hii,Kindly find some other ways and other hacks,this software is not working on Airtel India,Jio India.Kindly come up with something tricky…

In Uganda it has worsened. It nolonger connects nowdays….better update the servers

The best vpn. Lots of options. Working smoothly in Kenya.

Really love this app it has a good connection 🤳🤳👍👍

It’s an excellent app and so amazing I love this freedom more than all the apps in my phone Free data 24/7…

Best App ever 😍👌👌 esp for ma 4mnths baby playin her lullaby song for free !!!!

It is a benefial app thanks you so much to the developer who made this…it was an impressive app for me i hope so to the others too..thanks again

I have been using this app for years now…before it was available in the Playstore…and this is the first time that I have had any problems with this app…I had been paying the monthly subscription for some time and 4 days after paying my account was suddenly not in the database and I was really …

I love this vpn.5 star

This app is really great. The developers did a great job. It works with most of my ISPs . What makes me rate 3/5 for this app is it annoyning disconnecting problem during download, so you have to baby-sit your downloads. please make your servers more stable and most people will rate 5/5. looking for…

This app is turning out to be the worst Vpn ever. I used to like it when it all connected perfectly. Suddenly nothing is working anymore in kenya. Yet i have paid for premium. To the developers just enjoy my remaining premium subcription amount for nothing in return at all….

I live in kashmir India and govt here always stops the internet connectivity whenever something strange happens here

Download Now And Enjoy This App

I have used this app for about a year now and recommended it to so many of my friends. its only recently that my battery got swollen and died on a relatively new phone. i came to realise my friends too who had been using the app had their batteries swell and some had their phones totally ruined and …

Well this is the best reliable VPN i have used so far and its amazing since you got everything you need in one application and the speeds are good i am only having difficulty in uploading but download is just amazing keep up the good work Your freedom team😍

The Fast AAAA Connection Stopped In Vodafone Sim in egypt .after the latest refresh of vodafone system .but slow and bad CName still works .😓😓 Please increase the speed Again 💔💔i love this app

it’s a good app and I like it though some times it is slow especially during day time.

Good thou sometimes there is lagging of network especially on heavy streaming of videos and tv

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