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A good vpn but the reason I am giving 2 stars is because of ridiculous point system… We check in daily and by day 7 we get a thousand point and after the day 7 we again go back to day 1 reward which is just 200 points not enough at all. At least make a system where we keep on getting thousand poin…

It’s true it work at high speed especially when using Whatsapp only . But it slow down when come to chrome and other browser. It asks user to get more points in order to use yoga. So may developer receive five 🌟 🌟 🌟🌟 🌟

This app is fast. But i costs too much extra time for viewing ads to get credits. They gives us 100-200 points for each 20+ seconds ad. We need a collect 5,000 points to use the stable server. It deserves smaller ad and more points. Cause it kills our time on the ad.

What a good VPN!!! This is what i have been looking for. The management should try and limit the ads stuff. Its sometimes annoying

It’s a big help for me, especially if i don’t have a wifi and just only using a mobile data. It’s hanging up sometimes but it helps especially in gaming

two stars until the problem about disconecting without a warning or a notification is fixed .. it’s really a bad thing to correct it, otherwise the app is good!

It’s a wonderful app. It does the jop perfectly, and it’s all free (just make sure you collect your points) I just don’t know why sometimes it turn itself off

Allows me to gain access to the internet with zero data charges yes!! 😊… But is slow and downloading media is impossible using it

Good for… Private browsing. Has a points system for the amount if time you get but if you have like none it’s okay cause you still get 15 minutes which I find sufficient

So far so good. This app has some of the features that the premium APU apps have. Its truly free. There are adds, but for the quality of this free VPN I can deal with the adds.

The app is just fine and it has help me alot on my phone and internet..I love this app…its helping me alot ….

VPN very stable compare others. Just that have some advertisement but bearable.

I love the app. It is the best app that I ever had.Thanks for making it. It is free .There is no need of money

I have a siblings that share wifi and it’s lag, but when I use this VPN, it boost my internet!

So far it seems to work great, it is fast and doesn’t randomly disconnect and provides a good service at no cost but a few minutes spent watching ads

Download Now ANd Enjoy This App

It was good but ads are just too much…. you should lessen them.

It connects instantly without any problems,you get to choose a wide range of servers for absolutely free.

It’s really amazing vpn app. One of the best vpn app I’ve ever use.

Great VPN works everywhere. Please use ” 19rs10 ” to get 9000 points immediately.

Fast and easy to connect… Many thanks…. Very useful

It seems to work great. I don’t really like all the ads.

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