VPN Master – Fast & Unlimited Free VPN App Download

yes its working well …. i am using it for calling.. thanks for good service.

everything is good.this is stronger vpn that ever I had.

Fast and free with a lot of servers

It is more practical than other aps,specially in Iran.

clean interface with good speed..loved it

Very good app. Mediafire site loaded.

Its great and easy to use . I love it

Nice to use easy to connect

Very very useful…. VPN master….i like you…

It is very a strong vpn i have ever used

Works seamlessly… Great product

One of the best VPN I came across!

This app is a good experience,thank you

Servers go to hell … hurry update please!

It is the best vpn in India Love it

Good and lite weight vpn…

line is so smart,thz u so much for VPN.😍

Very good I’m glad to get this app I’m happy

I can’t say too much about this app but looking very good, servers is working, in some country some network are firewalled, so I need this app. Only one thing is no good, there are no Italian servers 🙁 At moment, I can only say Thank You.

Very good apps thanks this apps

Good application Does the job well

GREAT VPN FOREVER. I use it 24 hours and it doesn’t stop even a second. But for people that say it doesn’t work, my phone just connect to Luxembourg,Latvia,Poland,Slovakia. I can’t connect to others but it’s the best vpn FOREVER

Nice osm riyali vpn master the best app

i am literally glad and dissapointed at the same time Glad because it was working great and dissapointed cause i dont know what happend all of the sudden that this great vpn just stopped working i hope they notice that the app they created doesnt work anymore

why am I having trouble connecting to the servers. like all servers. it simply does not connect. is this a problem for this version of the app especially? Download

Very good.. VPN properly work this application .. its a very good

nice app…but need too much time to connect.

really good with connectivity, but nit sure about security…

It’s stuck on connecting most of the time, and even if it connects the vpn connection drops after a few minutes.

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