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Very good free vpn app. Acceptable speed, very few ads. What more can you ask for. Thanks developer

Perfect!! Thank you so much for making this entirely free, love you🤗!

thank you for using the app.. appreciate much for your rating.

For starters, it’s a free service, it won’t have the same quality as a $5-10 a month VPN. That means you’re not having that 85-98% network speed

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I used to love this app… once the newest update took place, US vanished from the lost of countries available. There used to be 10+ US options and now there are none. I no longer see the need to hold onto this app.

Excellent app. This is one of the best of the free VPN apps. I highly recommend it and there is absolutely no charge for a the app or the service.

Lots of servers to choose from. Majority works well. Some blacksheeps dies half way. Overall good. Not much ads compared to other similar apps.

Quite functional, but there’s so many server authentication failures, which is kinda annoying.

Thanks for answer my review 🙂 i mean proxy filter is filter app selection who use this vpn service like another vpn app!

Amazing app, very easy to connect in to a VPN for free….

it never seems to connect to any server .how much time it will take to connect?? i am from china now.

Thanks for creating this wonderful apps.

Great VPN, the better that too much VPNs in the Play Store.

connection is good but limited countries

Amazing. it works and works fast. Thank you devs.

cant use app since update says cant connect to vpn records

Download Now And ENjoy This App

this is what we get free 🙂 btw awesome bro 🙂 keep add some new servers

Trust me this is an awesome vpn. Just try it once, you will fall in love……👌🏼👌🏼🤘🏼✌🏼

just installed it on my phone hope it works well thanks

great work love this vpn

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