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Vpn works good, but very very very very anoying jumping ads. If theres no jumping ads in the middle of some work, app would be great.

I love this app. I have used so many VPNs previously but none compare to it. The whatsapp calls are especially crystal clear.

I’ve been using it for months now and it always gives satisfaction and clarity on video calls…🙂

I really like the app, it is very handy for those of us that dont want our internet info stolen or misused

Best VPN I kove it amazing work very good thank you so much for this VPN I’m using it in s 8 sanding galaxy

Its really good vpn hope still like this never change some vpn not work properly but this very very good

Ads keep on interrupting the video connection.

easy and friendly use.. i love it.. thank you 😘

The best VPN I have ever used… Congratulations developer keep it up… 💓💕💞💝

Good application but sometimes doesn’t connect properly

Very nice apps, but the ads are annoying….

easy to connect and keep connected always

I was happy using it until it updated yesterday and is giving trouble

Best free VPN ever on andriod. I just love this app. It helps me to connect to my friends to access videos and voice call while i was away from home without paying a dime. I love this. God bless the software developer but believe the ads is much😜😜🙄🙄.

It really helps me a lot for video calls

Very good quality &Clarified voice

thank you for provide this apps, its working very well.

It is very easy to connect with high speed, it is even better than the paid apps. The only concern that it has lot of ads. But it is OK as I can use it for free

This is an amazing app. It’s really help me to connect with my love ones . It makes the speed of your internet very high. Keep up the good connection

Thank you for this apps.. I really appreciate! 😊 useful all the apps i use. Keep it up! 👍 Thumbs up all the user Smart VPN..

Download Now And Enjoy This App

it’s good. It’d have been perfect if you could select the apps you wanted to use vpn on. thats smart proxy

very good and fast but please the ads are really annoying, do something about that, once this is resolved I guarantee you to make it 5 stars

I love this apps the only thing i give 4stars is the always interupting the ads..

this app is very good but this time round from last week coming is not even open please kindly make it how it was in the olding days. Thank You.

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