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Good, free VPN. Works well for security and going through WiFi network restrictions all while being COMPLETELY free. The UI is easy to use, but the only reason I did 4 stars is the notifications that pop up notification telling you to use their ‘premium traffic’. Other than that, it works very well….

I have no mbs when I installed it and to get free premium traffic there is no daily check in and feeling lucky options. I clicked on watch videos but it didn’t work 😭. In basic it doesn’t connect…. But in another mobile, not mine, it works great with 7.00mbs per second speed with daily check in a…

Wow the app was nice till it started to say I have a “limit reached” and basically makes you wait/force you to pay. Yes I know that but every time I do try to complete one of the “offers” it still says I have to wait a day or two because I’ve used all of the data

Its a good vpn but the adds are WAY too frequent

It works great most of the time on basic, however today I had the VPN on for 5 minutes an hour ago and I was suddenly told I had reached my traffic limit even though I can make it last for 7 hours any other day. Is this normal?

This app is the best there is. Compared to the others I’ve used. This one has to be the the best app ever. I love it so much and everything about it makes me happy. Hope you guys come out with a 2020 version of this one but more advanced. But I do wish you get more mega bites when you watch adds

Great actually really good vpn i was surprised when i found out it was free bc of how well it works

This VPN is excellent for bypassing school Internet censorship, which the majority of VPNs can’t, if your school blocks VPNs then this is your best choice. The performance is very good, and you can perfectly play online games with it. Thank you for this amazing app!

Dear skyVPN team thankyou for sharing such wonderful app

Skyvpn good but not rewarding fairly. They rewards only for 3 out of 5 videos watched. Further new updates are reducing users ability to earn more traffic.

this apps is very helpful for me I’m using it everyday and it’s really nice.

it works well and connects when u need it to.

This app is great but add a weekly trial to check the premium version

Really good app,,I m appreciate this .I m using 3 months continua

Easy to use, actually works and completely free perfect vpn

Download Now And Enjoy This App

Very thing about SkyVpN is very nice. I enjoying just like am using WIFI NEVER NICE SKYVPN

I am using to skyvpn app from 2 month good working thank for skyvpn app👍👍👍👍

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