Quicrypto: Earn Crypto & Free Bitcoin

it says that you have updated the terms and agreements and i must read it but when i click “ok” it crashes and cant open the app

One of the highest paying app i have never seen before and friendly admin also 😍😘

Annoying app that shows you price polls instead of anything sophisticated after watching two video ads to see the results

Great app. Easy to use. Wished other trading platform could be as simple as this. I rate it 5 star because i like it simple.aruolinks

The app is a very good design and easy to use. Fairly functional as it is. However, it needs to do more things that currently can only be done through the website. In particular, there needs to be away, within the app, to move coins into and out of the Vault. It should use the Authy app for verifica…

Just as the title says, this app will do just that! While I don\’t have a full understanding of cryptocurrency. I do under $\’s an the more I invent the more I make! Overall, the app does an excellent job of making things simple & intuitive. Easy to follow graphs, easier to see the money you made!

Amazing! Simply amazed at the performance of this app and the professional customer service representatives are too notch. I am a seasoned investor in multiple fields and I would recommend this app over any bank or financial institution. Keep up the great work guys and you will continue to be the

Great App, easy on the eyes, intuitive, etc. Would love to see my holdings consolidated to one number in USD (like the Dcoin website provides) as well as being able to see the funds in my USD wallet while making BTC or ETH purchases. However, the app is still great and deserving of its five stars

Great app, easy to use. Dashboard is great. However one thing that I would really like to see while using app is, my buy and sell history. I bought some coins last week, my transactions are still pending as it takes one week to be completed.

This app makes it really easy to help out my kids and friends and the other way around too! It has saved me travel time and added a way to help out in emergency situations! Absolutely love it!!

Excellent app that provides a way for laymen to enter and exit the Bitcoin ecosystem. I\’m excited for the future of the tool and can\’t wait to see what the team has planned next.

The style is simple, the interaction is smooth and not stuck, and the transfer operation is safe. It is a recommended exchange

Download Now And Enjoy This App

Great interface and always up to date. Simple to use and understand I check it 3-4 times a day!

Perfect if you’re in a tough situation with money or don’t want to use your actual account. It’s amazing they give you a card too!

Great app , it appears that w/ the recent update, the sorting feature isn’t working.

Easy to use, clean design, recurring payments setup was easy.

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