Make Money – Earn Money Cash App Download

I downloaded it and all it wants is money money money no good at all a load of rubbish no thank you

Hi, I signed up with you guys and I can’t log in even though the automated system sent me an email confirmation with my password. I tried to log in using the up but it’s not letting me go to a different page. Tried logging in using the link on the confirmation email but everytime I click on the user…

Tried to sign up to check it out. The link they email you to login only pops up ads everytime you try to sign in. If you try to sign in directly nothing happens. This was juat a waste of my time to see a bunch of unwanted pop up ads.

I downloaded the app ,it gave me an error,can’t login or anything

installed, opened and it crashed. Tried again, same thing

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The ads are intrusive and an interference with the operation of the app

First imprations are all. And this app fail at it. the ads the, low res main page look, all to desing to keep people away