Lucky Now! – Feel Great & Make it Rain App Download

Videos never load. Requires $10 to cash out but you will never make it to $10. Requires way to many coins to be able to get gift cards. Gives you more raffle tickets on the scratch tickets then anything and you can’t win a raffle drawing either. After months of playing, not earning enough for anythi…

I really enjoy this game a lot because it’s fun and you do get your fair share of cash!! It does take a while before it adds up but give it time, the game is worth it!!! Only NEGATIVE thing to say is there is a lot of glitches and I have to restart my whole game!!

Game is ok to pass time, as far as cash winnings go – you get to a certain amount then the winning cash stops. You only win tokens or tickets for the daily/ monthly drawings. I play daily and no cash winnings for approx. 3 weeks now. Will probably delete this game soon. Also have way too many ads po…

Just another scam app of the many taking over the PlayStore. I think it’s time Google does a little research on the ones wanting to put theur apps here or start being responsible for what they end up owing people. Start keeping constant screenshots of your apps and what is owed to you. Keep watching…

It started out good. But it is like the rest. You only win cash for a certain amount of time. Than all you win is tokens and raffle tickets. You hardly ever win cash. I think it is rigged to not win cash

Irritating and scam Why dont you answer all of negative feedbacks rather than sitting pretty, it doesnt match to the app, ive already gain 3 matched pictures on the scratch but instead you get the prize listed before you do the scratch thing, it will give you a coins that doesnt even converted to do…

Addictive game. You can earn money but not every day is your lucky day. Be patient and always play the game so that you’ll have a high chance of earning some money. God bless everyone!

Starts out with alot of winning. However the closer you get to money the longer it takes to earn any. Also when you get closer you might only win 5 cents after playing all the cards. Ads are very misleading.

This app cheats more often, by showing connection error whenever you win. I have a good broadband connection but most of the time I spin it deducts the coin and cheats by not spining.

Great app! First day using it and no problems except for ads, approx 30 secs long, and 2-3 popping up in between each Scratch card. Could be better if ads were cut in half. Watching more ads than scratching cards,

Its good but never won any single money through lucky spin. Only got points. Its not fair. Why u add money there then. Removed from there. Make this game much intresting. Lucky spin feels boring.

It always get stucked when i earn raffels from scatch cards.. i lost 1000raffels. The coin withrawal limit is too high that no one can reach the limit to withdraw. Should change the withrawal limits.

Been fun to play so far. But it’s been awhile since I’ve scratched a card and got $. Been @ 8.65 for a long time.

I love this game to earn money but can please make some possible to get cash in spin cause my head was spinning too and why too many adds and every adds 30 seconds for not 4 star I will wait for the next