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I love this app, it’s perfect. When I need to get past a regional block or I just want privacy this is my go to app

Absolutely recommended. The best VPN Ive ever had. Its simple, and works like magic. Now in 1 click I can change my freefire server. Thanks for this amazing free VPN. If my country supported online purchases, I would happily get the premium version even if it didnt give any special perks.

Very Awesome VPN app. You can just adjust your location for the particular app you wanted to. And for gamers this is the best vpn. I tried many vpn but couldn’t find the speed that this vpn provides. I can stream anytime without any difficulties. Thank you Hola free vpn.

This is definitely a different approach to a vpn that I see in most apps but its cool the speeds are nice its what I would suspect from a free service. It could be a little bit better with the settings but other then that its fine, definitely would recommend.

I really love the features of this vpn app,there are almost every country’s vpn server.This is really helpful.And the net speed is also satisfying.We can’t expect highest speed using vpn,btw it’s serving speed is enough good for downloading large files.

really nice vpn and worth using. but always scar me by saying that everyone can watch you unless you don’t pay. some times it glich out by not connecting but you can fix it by just restarting the app.

Recently it started freezing my mobile. Nothing would work. Not even hard reset. People using free version, be careful.

Good app but sometimes not working. Will recommend!

This is good app it change country and it is use to play game of amrica and many country etc.

I’m grateful! I haven’t seen a better proxy provider. And I have used a lot of these. You can browse from ANY country and do that with high speed. And it’s Free!!!

thankful Hola was not entirely difficult to integrate , for myself. And no hassles within or using it’s app.i noticed your hard work

This app will make you think its running when it isn’t. Dont go downloading any torrents with Hola. Very, very undependable.

This Is Is Very Very Good. No Ads. No In App Purchase. And The Most Important Thing Is, It’s Free!

it’s amazing App really working i don’t have words about this Super VPN App but i must say only one time try this. you dont need any other VPN App

the best vpn browser on play store. but why do you guys release update so often. like, i don’t see anything new on each update.

Super easy. Super reliable. Couldn’t be happier. Works perfectly!

Works well and has a various range of free locations to be chosen would recommend.

it’s better but i am trying to working some of the location on it . such USA location . think its best vpn now by using it through mobile phone

Very good app but network speed gets a little slow after the server is connected.

videos are stopping in the midway,, the old version was good😡😡

This is the only best… Unblock all sites.. And it is free also… Thankyou so much.

Really love this app this app help me a lot to access blocked website and its size is also just 45mb this app is better than opera amd other vpns

Hola is sucks. It show that we are connected to other countries through vpn but it didn’t connect to that country. Hola is just making us FOOL.

very nice to good use tihis vpn and answer to that you fast and free upload services

This app after new update is a cheap and third class performance and cheat.so please don’t download this app Because many start to hola and this automatically switch off 😡 i face More issue

Very very useful App and easy to use. I wish o could rate it more that five stars 😂

Download Now And Enjoy This app

You need to pay for “plus” if you want to use anything useful

Use this app since 1 year without any problem . Good app

what I say..it is the best & fastest VPN ever on Playstore…😍😍

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