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Wow. Only VPN that works without subscription for free. Thank you for keeping it real and not trying to hustle people out of their money. Great App! Highly recommend. But best features are in premium so lost one star for that. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Usually, all other VPNs I use fail to connect to the networks. This one works perfectly. Would recommend to everyone.

Hi VPN, is Our Family Favourite & Is Usually & Almost Always Our First Choice When It Comes To Virtual Private Networks

The amazing Hi VPN is what ive been looking for. The security is worth a try. I feel so protected. Im going to get my mailman to join. Yank N. McYanker

my first experience with the VPN , everything is smooth, speed, and work pretty good. good work

This VPN Is Good. Looks Like Unlimited Data

For safety and security reasons and play private vedeo

Ioving the speed and clarity that is given my videos

I’ve had malicious apps on my phone but VPN helped secure it I love the app with its notifications, only thing is the ads but a great app it is

I like the hi VPN free antivirus cleaner for great job that it always does for me.

It is taking too much time to connecting and finally failed to connect waste app for VPN open

For me this is the best vpn app that is free. But you can upgrade to a higher quality forca desent price.

Dangerous VPN, disconnects when connected to a public unprotected VPN.

Awesome app. Works great. Thank you!

Download Now And Enjoy This App

Way too many ads to make the free service worth while.

That free VPN is really fast! I like it.

Great app. Stays connected. Will upgrade soon.

It is very slow vpn you need to pay to be fast vpn how do you like this positive comments?!!

This is amazing apps It helps to secure your connection

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