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It actually works! No need to pay every year for like 50$. I can just get it for free and it really works. The worst thing about it is that there is a lot of ads but the app is definitely worth. 5 stars

Very easy to use if you have a good signal it works very fast in a second clicks.

The upside is it’s free with unobtrusive ads & doesn’t choke the performance of my device so many others. On the other hand it disconnect itself in the middle of browsing which is especially problematic if you’re on public wifi which leaves your device open, NOT COOL. I have literally been at the co…

I set it for the US and it still puts me all over the planet. Since when is Indonesia in the US? Shuts itself off from time to time. Lacks some basic functions like start on boot. A good addition to the app would be to turn on and off as the screen does to reduce battery usage. Biggest complaint is …

Really simple to use. More reliable than most apps I know.

Its a really great app, fast & reliable in times of urgent need. loved it! I don’t recommend updated version, this is the best.

It’s so amazing app easy to active and very fast to progress.best for whatsapp calls in GCC countries.

Very Fast, Effective and Sharp, Very good for a download.

Really this appk is so nice and fast app.this Vpn may help me many thing.It is help to play PUBG MOBILE .I will give this VPN 5 Star and u..The App is intersting.

nice&simple to use,could be faster;,,,more secure.

Keep on reconnecting and poor quality sound.

Flash VPN is the very fast and protect app am enjoying…..

is a very good app keep you up-to-date and keeps you on everything that you need it’s very safe to use to

Application is good particularly for quality audio call but consists of too much inappropriate content in the form of ads

it only stays activated for a minute or two. i keep having to reconnect it.

Good connection, usage of this application very quickly and easy-to-use 👏👏👌👌👌

Download Now ANd Enjoy This APp

very good app I was struggling with video call for long until I get this app

Doing what it meant to do without problems or any kind of time wasting. Also has small data footprint. Well done.

FlashVPN is the best vpn I have ever use so far Thanks so much for thecompany.

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