Earn From Games – Make Money App Download

Too many advertisements. It shows in every 5 minutes of your playing.

It’s nice but the ads is too much. It doesn’t make the game attractive.

Really makes you use your brain I’m 65 and it’s good for me, perks my brain up

Great games i cant stop playing,,, i hope this app really pays out real money ,,,i have not tried yet but i am hoping soon…

Well theirs no way to get a hold of someone when things mess up for one and I had tokens in my boxes and when I came back they were gone….. no it wasnt cause they went in the drawing cause I pulled them out yesterday after the other one just happen. And not to bring up I download a game and player…

I reached the 150 stars goal but wasn’t awarded my tickets.

Good game. I would like to be the next winner though.

great game. why waist ur time playing other games when this game is FUN & makes u use ur brain.

guick game keeps boards coming to you at fast changing patterns

Just stzrted playi g free the light so far its a good game mary

I actually like this game. Theres a wide range of games made by this production team but this is my favourite one so far. What would make it even better for me is if I could win that 2 grand.

I absolutely loved thos game when I played it but now it wont even let me sign in with my facebook. My facebook is attached to all of the Winr games as well as all of the money I’ve saved up.

Nice app. enjoyable game to play. Just hope there are other ways to earn some cash while playing

Easy and fun! What a change in games!!!

I withdrew 20 dollars but it’s been several months that I can’t login with Facebook account so I am unable to get my old balance and to get more cash.

Games tooo good & but vast of time if u think money making

This Game Rocks!!! It’s Awesome No game like it.!!!!! Great Game😀😁😎😊😉😄

This is a great app download quick.

This game is awsome an u make money as you play . how awsome is that.

i love the little guy he makes me laugh

Nice game i like it i dnt kno about wining bt its worth playing

It is goog applicaton for play game and earn money

por favor a yuda, no me puedo conectar a traves de facebook, por favor me podrian decir como solicionarlo seria deicha ayuda ya qie de verdad quiero jugar este juego